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We are a leading & growing polyclinic hospital located in Coimbatore offering various types of healthcare treatments like general checkups, gynecology, neurology, vascular surgery, oncology, etc. with utmost quality treatment at affordable rates. Mahe Healthcare is always trying to offer expertise, technology, and the best facilities in the healthcare sector.

Our Mission:

Treating each patient as our own family member by offering them quality healthcare treatments, making them aware of diseases, and educating them about the healthcare system.

Our Vision:

To be one of the most affordable next-generation healthcare providers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Why are We the Best in the City?

We are thriving with Talent, Technology, and People’s Trust. Our certified clinical excellency of doctors ensures each patient is properly given treatments and utmost care until recovery and aftermath. We cater our services to all the people of society by carefully listening to their concerns and providing them with the best quality treatment with the utmost care as our own family members.

Our Services

Health Checkup

Our master checkup detects and prevents multiple serious health conditions, detecting early signs of lifestyle disease, and taking care of your overall health.

Preventive Medicine

Our preventive medicines prevent diseases, pandemics, disability, and death. Our licensed preventive medicine physicians advise you to take medicine after the master checkup.

General Medical Consultation

Our Medical consultation with patients helps to detect various diseases ranging from common and to severe diseases. We listen to your concerns carefully and advise according to that.

Certificates (Medical and Fitness)

As we are certified & licensed doctors, we are privileged to offer various types of medical and fitness certificates after and during diagnosis.

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Our Services

General Medical Consultation
Preventive medicine
certificates (Fitness, Medical)
(Fitness, Medical)
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