Mahe Health Care

Family Care Hospital Coimbatore


Being one of the trailblazers in the healthcare industry at Coimbatore, Our certified medical experts in Mahe Healthcare guarantee you seek the best treatment with special care. Patients from in and around Coimbatore are profoundly happy with the family care health services presented at our Mahe Healthcare. We currently have medical care provision for various illnesses whether it ranges from normal to severe.

Mahe’s Family Care offers long-term medical care based on a person’s medical and treatment history. Long-term care is a service or backing an individual might require because:

  • Affected by Disability.
  • Old age issues.
  • Affected by Chronic Illness.
Handicap, age, or sickness might hinder an individual from having the option to do everyday tasks like:
  • Taking bath
  • Getting dressed
  • Going to work
  • Making meals

Mahe Healthcare provides Family Healthcare also for prolonged diseases and health issues. We have been successfully treating patients with various diseases and we are experts in diabetology, neurology, oncology, vascular surgery, gynecology, cancer surgery, etc.

People from Coimbatore and surrounding places visit our healthcare Centre for most common diseases like fever, general medicine, diarrhea, childcare, asthma, cold and cough etc.